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Homework/Make-Up Work

Rose Academy will assign homework on a daily and weekly basis. Homework, quizzes, and tests will be listed in the student planner, which parents should monitor and sign each day. Homework should be completed with supervision, as parent input on the appropriate difficulty and length of assignments may be used to adjust assignments as needed. Homework will be meaningful.

Students should do homework for only 60 to 75 minutes. If it takes longer than that and you know that your child has been working steadily (not watching TV) please stop. Homework is very important but it should not be brutal.

This is the order of importance:
1. Math (15 min)
2. Science (10 min)
3. Language Arts writing and vocabulary development (10 min)
4. Reading Comprehension and Notetaking (15-30 min)

Homework is important in that it gives the students an additional time of focused academic development that is in line with extending the skills they learn at school. However is should not go on for more than an 75 minutes.

Students can always read for pleasure or work in additional math booklets if they want. However, we realize that each student has been working hard all day, so Rose is committed to making sure that each student also has time to play and relax.

Elementary and Middle school students will have homework with reading, math, science and social studies. Homework will take 75 minutes daily, Monday through Thursday. Middle school students will have homework focused on vocabulary development with science and social studies, math, and in their content areas of science and social studies, language arts, and math. Additional homework may be required of students taking FLVS courses.

If a student is absent, the parents are responsible for picking up make-up work prior to or immediately following the absence. If a student misses a quiz or test, they should talk to the teacher to schedule a make-up test when the student is ready.